Thursday, 12 May 2011

GOOD LUCK! your revision, and for your exam on Tuesday

Remember to come to the exam warm up session in room 101 at 12.55

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Friday, 1 April 2011

Tasks for Film Industry Unit (Audiences and Institutions)

 Things you should all be doing - NOW!
  1. Know the basics of how the industry operates - follow Skill Set links below and spend some time looking at the Flash Storyboards and taking notes. Get more stats and info from Screenonline (run by the bfi) and the UK Film Council (who are, as of TODAY, handing over to the bfi)
  2. Know your Working Title Case Study inside out - great powerpoint below - read it, take notes, analyse, do some extra research. What makes them such a success?
  3. Immerse yourself in the world of cutting edge marketing by reading up and following links on the Dark Knight Case Study from Movie Marketing Madness. Great for viral marketing, ADRs and the changing nature of film audiences
  4. Post comments to any of these posts with questions or opinion about these or any other films you think are interesting from either an audience of institutional perspective
  5. Check out the revision powerpoint embedded in the post below this - very comprehensive...
  6. Be prepared for snap tests in class to demonstrate your knowledge!

Shifty powerpoint - reblogged from Slideshare

Revision powerpoint for Film Industry Unit

Great resource on revision here - USE IT!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Reminder of Working Title tasks from last year

Undertake some detailed research on Working Title Films. Who are they? Where are they based? When were they established? By whom? What, and when, was their breakthrough hit film? What sorts of films are they best known for? What are your favourites? (write these as a comment to this post) What are some of their more successful titles? Do they have any special relationships with certain writers or directors? What major awards have they recieved?
Read these articles (and print/take notes) from the bbc and The Guardian. Use their wikipedia entry and official website (have a look at the archive to get an idea of the variety in their work) and other internet resources. Also consider your own knowledge and understanding of Working Title Films.
Final big question:
How do you account for their continued success despite the regular forecasts of doom and gloom for the British film industry? Write at least one side of A4 on this question. Make at least five key points, use PEE and back up with specific examples from a range of films.
Start in lesson, finish for homework and hand in first media lesson next week.
Finally, your favourite Working Title films as comments to this post please...get some healthy debate going!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Termy terms...

Here's some key vocab for use in your Section B question on Institutions and Audiences (British Film). Do you know them all? Can you get them all in to your response?

Working Title / Universal
FilmFour (both Digital TV channel and a production co)
BBC Films
Verve Pictures
UK Film Council - Development Fund , Premiere Fund, New Cinema Fund, P & A Fund
The Digital Screen Network
First Light Pictures
BFI (British Film Institute)
Sight and Sound (magazine)
Distribution (digital)
Marketing (campaign)
Vertical integration
Theatrical release
DVD/Video rights
TV rights
Blanket marketing
Staggered release
Audience targeting
Viral marketing
Social realism
Super 16 / 35mm
Budget / production values
Fractured audiences

Web 2.0 / User generated content
Niche / mainstream audience
‘Specialist’ – ‘independent’
Digital / online age
Bullet Boy (Dibb, 2004)
This Is England (Meadows, 2006)
The Boat that Rocked (Curtis, 2009)